This Friday night, our speaker will challenge us with ways we can incorporate Jesus into our daily lives. Join us for a time of intimate worship, interactive study of God's Word and an enjoyable time of food and fellowship. We meet in the Jr. High Room at 7:30pm.

We will be ending our Bible Study series called, "Walk His Way" based on Isaiah 30:21. The message will allow us to discover where we stand with Jesus. Are we truly disciples of Him, or merely converts? We will further explore the cost of following Jesus. 

If you're looking to be encouraged and challenged, join us as we study His Word, deepen our prayer lives and declare His praises with songs of worship. We will also break into small groups to discuss what God is showing us, and how we can best apply the message. 

Please bring a dish to share as we will have a potluck at the end of Friday's meeting. We will all have an opportunity to hang out, catch up and get to know one another! The food theme is MEXICAN FOOD, so bring your favorite tacos, tamales, salsa or dessert to share.

More Baptism pictures

Here are a few more pics from the reunion! 

*Pics from Friday's E3 "Everyday Evangelism" workshop coming soon! 

Bridge Retreat Reunion: Water Baptisms

We gathered at Mother's Beach in Long Beach for a lovely reunion. It has been a few weeks since our Big Bear Lake retreat and it was nice to see lots of friends again. Additionally, a few of our friends desired to be baptized and publicly proclaim their decisions for Christ. Here are some pictures from Josiah! 


Join us this Friday night as we have a special event! 

There will be training exercises and helpful tips given that will prepare you for evangelizing (sharing about Jesus). 

This is an educational training opportunity that will equip you in sharing the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST. It's always helpful for us to exercise our faith in the ONE who saves, gives hope and provides new life. 

Invite a friend out! We can't wait to see you Friday. 

*There will be an option to go out into the community to evangelize after the training portion. 

SPOKEN WORD "THE WORD" by Isaac Wimberley

Written by Isaac Wimberley

If there are words for Him then I don’t have them

You see my brain has not yet reached a point
Where it could form a thought
That could adequately describe the greatness of my God

And my lungs have not yet developed the ability
To release a breath with enough agility
To breathe out the greatness of His love

And my voice, my voice is so inhibited
Restrained by human limits
That it’s hard to even send a praise up

If there are words for Him then I don’t have them

My God

His grace is remarkable
Mercies are innumerable
Strength is impenetrable

He is honorable, accountable, and favorable
Unsearchable yet knowable
Indefinable yet approachable
Indescribable yet personal

He is beyond comprehension
Further than imagination
Constant through generations
King of every nation

If there are words for Him then I don’t have them

You see my words are few
And to try and capture the one TRUE God
Using my vocabulary will never do

But I use my words as an expression
An expression of worship to a Savior
A Savior who is both worthy and deserving of my praise

So I use words

My heart extols the Lord
Blesses His name forever
He has won my heart, captured my mind
And has bound them both together

He has defeated me in my rebellion
Conquered me in my sin
He has welcomed me into His presence
Completely invited me in

He has made Himself the object of my sight
Flooding me with mercies in the morning
Drowning me with grace in the night

If there are words for Him then I don’t have them

But what I do have…Is Good News
For my God knew that man-made words would never do
For words are just tools that we use
To point to the Truth
So He sent his son Jesus Christ as THE WORD
Living proof

He is the image of the invisible God
The firstborn of all creation
For by Him all things were created
Giving nothingness formation

And by His word He sustains, in the power of His name
For He is before all things and over all things He reigns

Praise Him for His life
The way He persevered in strife
The humble Son of God becoming the perfect sacrifice

Praise Him for His death
That He willingly stood in our place
That He lovingly endured the grave
That He battled our enemy
And on the third day rose in victory

Praise Him because He rose!!
Hallelujah He rose!!
He is everything that was promised

Praise Him as the risen King
Lift your voice and sing
For one day He will return for us and we will finally be
United with our Savior for eternity

So it’s not just words that I proclaim
For my words point to the WORD
And the WORD has a name
Hope has a name
Joy as a name
Peace has a name
Love has a name
And that name is Jesus Christ
Praise His name FOREVER!


Friday, April 10th @ 7:30pm in the Jr. High room

Join us for a time of intimate worship, interactive study in God’s word and an enjoyable time fellowship with the Bridge.  

We will be finishing our Bible Study series called Walk His Way” based on Isaiah 30:21 “Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” Whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left.”
This Friday night, we’ll be concluding with a Bible study entitled “Follow HIM…Again.”.  We’ll be discovering the words of Jesus to continue to follow Him, regardless of what we’re feeling and how we’re failing. If you’re looking to be encouraged and challenged, join us as dig into God’s word, deepen our prayer life and declare His praises in worship. 

Wednesday, April 15th @ 7pm

If you have a desire to grow deeper in your knowledge of the Word of God and closer in your relationship with Jesus, join us this next Wed. night, April 15th at 7pm.  THE DUDES & DAUGHTERS will be meeting at local homes, so email us if you are interested in attending.

Come out for this exciting time of accountability, the word and fellowship. It will be a potluck event, so please bring some food to share with the Bridge; let us know if you’ll be joining us!

Saturday, April 18- 2pm- Mother’s Beach (Long Beach)

Join us as we reunite and reconnect with those who attended the Bridge Retreat!
If you didn’t attend the retreat, you are also invited to join us for a time of food, fellowship and fun.  We will end our time with a baptism. More info to follow.


Sunrise Service at the StubHub center at 6am! (Photo by: Amie K.)