FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE: Friday, March 27th @7:30PM  IN THE DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING CENTER CLASSROOM A - UPSTAIRS (*note this is a location change)

Join us for a time of intimate worship, interactive study in God's Word and an enjoyable time of fellowship. We are continuing our Bible Study series called WALK HIS WAY based on Isaiah 30:21 "Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, 'this is the way, walk in it,' whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left." 

We will be getting together in small groups and reviewing what we have learned over the past month on how to FOLLOW HIS WAY. If you're looking for guidance and direction from the Word of God, come out and hear the Lord speak to you. 

  • Immediately following the study, we will have our 4th Friday Fellowship. We will have a fun time of fellowship and eating together as the Bridge. This will give you an opportunity to hang out with one another and catch up. PLEASE bring a dish for our potluck! The theme this month is SOUL FOOD, so bring some fried chicken, cornbread or a dessert to share.

If you have a desire to grow deeper in your knowledge of the Word of God and in your relationship with Jesus, come and be a part of Dudes Discipleship and Daughters of the King Discipleship groups. 

Join us at our next meeting WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1ST @ 7PM. The dudes will meet at Jared's house and the ladies will meet at Windy's house. Please bring a dish or snack to share at the meeting.

Down from the Mountain

Now that we are down from the mountain, be encouraged to see what God has for you this week with friends, family, co-workers and classmates! Let's take all that He has shown us and apply it to our daily lives here at home. 
Great photos by Ashley A. 

A few dudes photos from T

Awesome Lake shots by Ashely A. 

Bridge Retreat Recap

We had a fantastic weekend away from the hustle and bustle of life in LA, and soaked up all that God had for us up in Big Bear! The cabin was sweeeeeet and super cozy with all of us packed in, but such a place of warmth for us to hear from God. 

Many topics were covered in our sessions, from dedicating our lives to Jesus, what it means to be baptized, living sacrificially, giving to others, obeying His commands, and having the heart of a servant. 

God was faithful in providing enough food for all, enough time with friends and enough time alone where we could talk to Him and hear from Him. 
Queena, Pastor D, Jessica R. and Justin lead us in a few worship songs

There may have not been snow, but there was lots of sunlight, a lake walking distance away and trees for miles. 

Small group time gave us a chance to share our hearts, pray for one another and get to know one another on a deeper level. 
We were incredibly blessed to have stayed at the Lighthouse cabin, a place of encouragement, where we experienced God's beautiful creation!
The crew! Old friends and new friends! 

Stay tuned for when we will have our retreat reunion (after Easter)! God bless and have a great week of putting in to practice how to follow Him! 

More Retreat Pics!

A snapshot of the bed situations - everyone stayed close and warm! 
Kloie and Caden 
Annabel, Queena and Sandra prep some spam mmmm SPAM! 
Pastor David Higa (Calvary Echo Park) shares about following Jesus. He shared about the cost of following Jesus, terms of discipleship, and pressing onward, leaving our past behind. 
Hi from Thalia (7 months)
We split into teams and did an exercise on FOLLOWING the voice of the Shepherd. Everyone was instructed to listen ONLY to Pastor D's instructions and voice and to block out the distracting voices and sounds. 

The purpose of this exercise was to give the dudes and ladies a chance to practice and observe what it takes to listen to God's voice, to not worry what others are doing, and to block out the distractions around them. 


 The kiddos eat lunch! 

The sun was shining on us during our team activity (it was about 60 degrees)!
Pastor Wilfredo and Viv (Calvary Ventura) with Pastor Randolph and Christina (Calvary Coastline)
The dudes enjoy hamburgers on the deck
Pastor Randolph, Pastor D holding Iz, and T
Jessica R. hung an adorable game of guessing baby pictures. Can you guess who is in the one in this photo? That's right its JESSICA R! Hahaha
Our fantastic Sat dinner kitchen crew: Rosie, Daniel, Sandra, Annabel and Julisa 
Justin, Cinthia, Eric, and T holding Lenya

The Lighthouse Lodge; Big Bear Lake (March 20-22)

We drove up a windy road, to Big Bear Lake for a weekend with good friends, and time spent with Jesus! The cabin was cozy, the air was crisp as we worshipped with music, ate meals together and soaked in the Word of God from Pastor Dennis, Pastor David, Pastor Randolph and Pastor Wilfredo! 

Jose the child whisper-er! 
Pastor Wilfredo, his wife Viv (Calvary Ventura) and T filling the cabin with an awesome worship set.
Game time! 
Queena, Stephanie and Summer staying warm with yummy chili bowls
Jessica and Josh T from Ventura 
Jared, Mike and T are all smiles too! 
Breakfast in the dining room 
Nate, JJ & Micah


FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE: Friday,March 20TH@ 7:30pm in the Jr. High Room

Join us for a time of intimate worship, interactive study in God’s word and an enjoyable time fellowship with the Bridge.  


We’re continuing our Bible Study series called Walk His Way”based Isaiah 30:21 “Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,“This is the way, walk in it,” Whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left.” 


This Friday night, we’ll rediscover what it means to FOLLOW HIS WAY.  Why is it so challenging at times to follow God in the midst of our lives?  Come out and see what the Word of God says!